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Are you eager to dive in Israel? Start your diving experience in Eilat!
Scuba diving in Eilat (Israel).

Hello, friends!

You are welcomed at our site by Lydia and Vadim Savchenko
(Scuba diving instructor and underwater photographer).

If you are interested in underwater diving in Israel, we invite you to underwater diving in Eilat, underwater diving center.

On this site, you can learn how the following activities are conducted by us:

* Going underwater with a diving apparatus in Eilat.

* Underwater photography and video recording.

* Scuba diving courses in Eilat.

Information on following themes is also available:

* Rent-a-yacht in Eilat.

* Rent-an-appartment in Eilat.

* Tourism in Israel.

* Photographies of fish and coral of the Red Sea.

We would appreciate if you recommended us to your friends and add our site as a friend.

We wish you a good holiday in Israel!

Best regards, Lydia and Vadim Savchenko

You are invited to join me, Vadim Savchenko, the Diving Instructor and Underwater Photographer for great dives in Eilat, in Deep Siam Diving Center.

On this site you can learn about the diverse range of dives and services, the center provides:

* Scuba diving in Eilat.

* Diving courses in Eilat.

* Underwater photo shoot

* Underwater video

You can also find the information on:

* Yacht rental in Eilat.

* Apartment for rent in Eilat.

* Tourism in Israel.

I’d appreciate it if you recommend me to your friends and add my site to your favorites.

I ‘d be happy to make your stay in Israel a success!

Lidiia & Vadim Savchenko
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