Professional underwater photography in Eilat.
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Professional underwater photography in Eilat

Professional underwater photography in Eilat.
Professional underwater photography in Eilat.

The perfect souvenir to remember and gives an opportunity to show your family and friends dive. Creative staging and interweaving of reportage photography. Rent the whole process of events, ranging from coaching and ending with the release of the bank.

Bright beautiful pictures of fish and corals. Depth up to 5 meters. Number your shots can reach 50 or more ... A large number due to the fact that we have, you will be accompanied by an instructor and professional photographer, which significantly improves the quality of the work.

More experienced can hold a shot at the wreck. The depth of up to 25 meters.

Photography is carried out with a digital camera Canon PowerShot G11. The cost of shooting 150 shekels. Gourmets, can offer a full-frame - Canon EOS 5D for 300 shekels.

In all cases it is possible to take pictures under water with the flags of different countries.

Burn to DVD-R or CD-R discs.

Professional underwater video in Eilat.

Offered services to video, video editing. The main line of work - underwater videography:

* Video recording and installation of your dive
* Video editing commercials, presentations, training films, engagements and anniversaries under water

Video capture is held camera SONY HDR-HC9E High Definition Video (Full HD) 1080 Tape DV (the format HDV). Depending on customer requirements, video can be done in DV or HDV.