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Going underwater with a breathing apparatus in Eilat

Friends, if you have thought at scuba diving in Eilat (Israel) but doubt your abilities, I would like to ensure you that for you, we will conduct this event easily, simply and beautifully.

Even seven-year-old girls do that! We conduct going underwater in Eilat even for fully paralyzed people. So, if you are healthy but afraid, the complete work will be done for you by the experienced scuba diving instructor Vadim Savchenko if necessary. But in case you prefer not being held by the hand, we will be pleased to provide you the possibility to swim independently.

For going underwater, you will just need one and a half hour of leisure time and 200 Shekel. If you wish going underwater together with your family members, each person will be individually accompanied by an experienced diving instructor.

Net time of being underwater 45 minutes for 200 Shekel!

Going underwater with a breathing apparatus in Eilat is conducted in the “Coral Sanctuary” from the shore.

The Deep Siam scuba diving center is located directly on the Red Sea beach, left from the entrance to the “Coral Sanctuary” near the oceanarium. The Deep Siam underwater diving center provides: an own beach, drinking water, shadow, locker rooms, shower, toilets, a bar at the sea shore, classes for course-takers, lockers for your stuff, a parking lot. Your family will be comfortable, even with a baby. It is desired to have a towel and a positive mood!

Experienced underwater divers may go underwater beautifully on depths of 18-30-40 meters.

Certificated divers are required:

1. Mandatory! Underwater diving insurance with the words “underwater diving” (not water sports). If you do not have an underwater diving insurance, you can make it at our Deep Siamunderwater diving center. The underwater diving insurance costs 89 Shekel for five days or 129 Shekel for two weeks or 185 Shekel for one year.

2. Desired! Certificate. If the diving certificate plastic card is missing, it can be extracted from the internet, or it is mandatory to do a check-dive for 200 Shekel. This is usual going underwater on 18 meters, during which the underwater diving instructor Vadim Savchenko will check how independent you are under water.

3. Desired! An underwater diving log in which your last going underwater with a breathing apparatus is fixed. If you do not have a log or the last going underwater was performed more than half a year ago, a check-dive is required.

Going underwater with a breathing apparatus in Eilat for people with limited possibilities. We have the required experience to make you going underwater adequate, according to your restrictions. Underwater diving instructor Vadim Savchenko will be pleased to make your going underwater with a breathing apparatus in Eilat on the Red Sea beach in Israel beautiful.